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Those friends of mine...

I know, blogging about blogging is a sin, but indulge me a bit...

LiveJournal is the blogging service that I use. It also has some social networking features, like the ability to "friend" other LiveJournal users. When I friend someone, one of things that happens is that their blog posts are put on my "friends page" so I can go to one place to read all of my friends' blogs. Other people can see my friends page too, so they can judge me by the friends I keep (I guess)... My friends page is at

Besides personal blogs, LiveJournal also has something called "communities" that are like group blogs organized around a theme. For example, there's a Little Mermaid community called partofthatworld  that I really like. It has many members who maintain it and post Little Mermaid-realted stuff. There are many communities about may different things, and if I want to put a community on my friends page I can friend it too...

Whenever I go to read my friends page on LiveJournal, I go to a version that only shows me all my individual friends and skips all the communities at I do this because I friended too many communities that I'm not really that interested in, and I'm too lazy to remove them... One of the communities that i friended and forgot about is wtf_omgz , which basically only exists to post really offensive stuff. I recommend that you do NOT go there -- it's vile.

Where am I going with this? Well, we included my blog's URL in our Christmas card letter, and one of the recipients went to my blog (which was the idea; thanks for visiting), then went to my friends page, and was offended by what she saw on wtf_omgz . If I had remembered that it was there, I would have removed it before sending the Christmas letter, because I'm not out to deliberately offend. I have removed it now. Sorry about that...

Now, I'm not saying my friends page is now totally safe and non-offensive. I just removed the one friend who existed to offend. I may still have other friends who occasionally offend, so just remember that while I keep this blog at PG-13 or so, my friends can do whatever they want and I'm not responsible for what they may post that shows up on my friends page.

(What was I thinking with all the italics?)
Tags: apology, livejournal
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