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Thanksgiving links

Ariel_6294.JPG, originally uploaded by Disney-Grandpa.

EDIT: Oops, I forgot to turn off the big photos!  I'll have that fixed for the next post...

I wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving yesterday, but it turns out I am still around to blog today. So what to do? How about some links!

Funny cartoon about Disney and Obama. My favorite part is Jefferson's comment...

Speaking of Obama, this should let us know his stand on the Somali pirates...

High school in four photographs (late '70s version)

Funny German TV commercial about things that seem dirty, but turn out to be innocent...

And finally, a Pussycat story by Bill Ward over on Pappy's Blog!

Recent cover scans for GCD:
Archie's Pals 'N' Gals Double Digest Magazine #125

Tags: archies pals n gals, ariel, barack obama, bill ward, comic book stories, flickr, gcd, high school, links, pirates, pussycat, the k chronicles, thomas jefferson, video, walt disney world

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