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Possible T-Shirt Giveaway...

Disney World 2007
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Remember my new dresser? So, I am finally filling it up with my t-shirts, and I'm finding all sorts of old shirts I don't wear any more. I will eventually cart them all off to Goodwill, but first, I thought I'd see if any of you out there in Internet-land want one of my t-shirts.

So, I thought I'd make a post and ask people if they wanted a t-shirt, and if they respond I would pick one out (based I what I know about that person from their journal, etc.) and send it to them. So what shirt you get would be a surprise!

But then Beth suggested I should just list my shirts, and let everyone pick what they want. Which might be more popular, I suppose (and the goal is to get rid of the shorts, so popular is good).

So, which one should I do? Would you want a surprise shirt, or would you like to pick your own?

(I could do both, I guess...)
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