ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody! Here's a nice Ariel Halloween picture from DeviantArt to help you celebrate:

The Nigthmare Under The Sea
by *madmoiselleclau on deviantART

I would have posted this actually on Halloween, but after the trick-or-treaters stopped coming, I stayed in the living room and watched The Dunwitch Horror instead. Hey, it has the Necronomicon and a tripping and almost-naked Sandra Dee in it (not to mention a very weird and creepy Dean Stockwell).

BTW, our trick-or-treater count was way down this year. Just 33, when it was around 50 last year.  We were wondering if a Friday night Halloween would bring more or less kids, and  now we know it is less -- I guess that's the explanation.  We certantly can't blame it on the wonderful weather.  No kid had to wear a coat over their costume this year!
Tags: ariel, dean stockwell, deviantart, halloween, halloween wrapup, sally, sandra dee, the dunwitch horror

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