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I'm not sure why, but lately I've been looking at T-Shirt sellers on the Internet. Here's two cool ones I found recently... -- They sell one (or two) used t-shirts a day for $7 (+$3 postage). Not one design, one shirt! They are usually from thrift stores, and while they are funky and interesting, I'm not sure they are old enough to be called "vintage." I haven't bought anything yet, but that's because they never seem to offer XXL...

Note: if you look at the site right now, it looks like they offer 8-10 shirts a day, but that's just because they've been posting some unsold shirts for a second time.

Destee Nation -- I just found these guys today. What a great idea! It's a collection of shirts from bars, restaurants, etc. from all across America*! You know how sometimes you are visiting a cool little restaurant in a faraway town, and they have a great t-shirt that you want to get too, but you forget to do it on the way out and you'll never have the chance again because you'll never be back again? They offer those t-shirts...

*Actually, all the shirts seem to be from Hawaii or Washington, but I'm sure they'll add more states as they grow...

Oh, and look at the new Halloween Norman Rockwell t-shirt that I bought from Shirt.Woot! that came in the mail today! Isn't that swell?
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