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Ariel Links

Still running behind on everything, but I should be back to almost-daily posting by October 15 or so. And that also when I will do longer posts I have promised, like the New York City trip review (yes jimmyknocker, I haven't forgot about it).

But for now, here's an editorial cartoon of sorts about current happenings at Disneyland:

notice of eviction
by *bri-chan on deviantART

Also, remember when The Little Mermaid was re-released to theaters in 1999, and it was going to have a cover version of "Under the Sea" by the Squirrel Nut Zippers playing with the end credits  -- but at the last minute, that didn't happen?  well, it turns out the story of why it didn't happen is a long one, and you can read it here.  And you can hear the song here, if you want...
Tags: ariel, aurora, deviantart, disneyland, links, squirrel nut zippers

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