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Changes in the Comics

Happy Halloween♪
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My daily newspaper, the Rocky Mountain News, has changed their comics this week. They added:

And removed:

I'm not really familiar with any of the new strips, but I'm not sorry to see any of the old ones go. Herman has been in reruns since Jim Unger retired in 1992*, and Hägar has been completed by other hands since Dik Browne died in 1988. Garfield is a surprise, but I doubt it is really gone. The RMN has done this before -- they seemingly get rid of a popular strip but they bring it back in a week or two, confessing that they were just making sure the readers were paying attention!

*According to Wikipedia, Unger came partially out of retirement in 1997 and now contributes an occasional new panel. But it's still mostly reruns...
Tags: comic strips, deflocked, dik browne, garfield, herman, hägar the horrible, jim unger, rocky mountain news, the argyle sweater, the knight life

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