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Fantastic Four: True Story #1

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I'm not going to do a whole report on the comics I bought yesterday, but I have to tell you about one you shouldn't overlook -- Fantastic Four: True Story #1. All over the world, humanity has lost their taste for all fictional stories (books, movies, TV), so the Fantastic Four head into the Universe of Fiction to find out what's up. This is one of those comics with a bunch of great moments, so I'll just share some...

  • The only movie that Reed likes to watch more than once is Josie and the Pussycats (he likes the "fractal shape of the screenplay").
  • Johnny likes to say Catcher in the Rye is his favorite fictional text, but it's really Beach Volleyball Inferno.
  • Ben's favorite book is apparently Of Mice and Men
  • Willie Lumpkin is the most well-read man the Fantastic Four know (not counting the Watcher)
  • Reed: "E.W.'s box office rankings, out today -- Nobody went to the movies this week. Literally. Apart from documentaries. There's footage of Michael Moore jumping up and down."
  • And my favorite, in the Universe of Fiction, when Ben discovers they have to save the Dashwood sisters from nightmare monsters: "It's a truth universally acknowledged... that it's clobberin' time!"
There was more than that, but that should give you a taste...

(This comic book was released on July 30, but I didn't get mine until yesterday...)
Tags: ariel, catcher in the rye, comics reviews, fantastic four, flickr, josie and the pussycats, of mice and men, sense and sensibility

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