ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

The Rocker

I went to the free preview of The Rocker today, and I went by myself because you all wimped out (or more likely, don't live in Denver). It's a cute little movie, nothing great, certainly worth watching for free! Rainn Wilson is a former drummer whose heavy metal band dumped him right before they went big, and he's been bitter about it for 20 years. When his nephew's emo band A.D.D. needs a drummer, he jumps at the chance to play again, and when the band improbably becomes briefly popular because of a YouTube video, he sees it as his second chance of being a rock god. That description makes it sound like it has more edge than it really does; it's a genial comedy where everybody has learned a lesson and done some growing by the end.

Interestingly, the movie poster on the ticket says the movie would be released July 30, but now the website and imbd both say it's coming on August 20 instead. Someone has apparently got cold feet about its chances....

The movie has lots of SNL and 30 Rock cast members in large and small roles -- I wonder what the connection was? Also, I went thru the whole movie wondering where I had seen Emma Stone before -- turns out she was in Drive! That's pretty random...
Tags: ariel, belle, drive, emma stone, flickr, movie reviews, rainn wilson, the rocker

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