ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Saving International Surfing Day

Originally uploaded by darkbeans
I like to help out with the Wikipedia, edit things here and there, but I have only added one article, for International Surfing Day. Not that I know anything about surfing, but I had came across a mention of it somewhere, and was surprised that it was not on Wikipedia, so I added it. (Here's what it looked like like at the time.) Almost immediately, it was challenged as something not worthy of a Wikipedia article, and I wasn't really going to try and save it, because I didn't know much about the subject -- I was hoping a real surfer would come along and fill out the article. And that is what happened -- a Wikipedia user named Myheartinchile adopted the article and added properly-sourced additional information and saved the article!

So, what I'm saying is that Wikipedia works (in my limited experience), and it's fun!
Tags: ariel, flickr, holidays, wikipedia
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