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Speed Racer

I couldn't convince anyone to go to Speed Racer with me, so I had to go alone, and you know it's not in real movie theaters anymore, so I had to go to the dollar theater.  But still, I had a blast!  I don't know why everyone was hatin' on it, 'cause it's pretty good.   It is relentlessly artificial, but once you buy into the look, it's very effective.  The racing scenes where thrilling and not at all hard to follow.  And I loved they way they handled the (frequent) flashbacks, with the past scene sliding into view behind the person who was remembering the flashback.

It does have some problems.  It is a family film, so there is a certain amount of juvenila you have to tolerate.  And it's kind of weird to hear all the sports movies clichés about playing for the love of the sport and doing the right thing in a movie about an essentially fictional sport (the racing in this movie bears little resemblance to auto racing in the real world).  But those are minor -- the movie is thrilling and fun to look at and it has Christina Ricci in it, so i recommend it. But you'd better move quick before it is gone from all theaters!


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Jun. 23rd, 2008 03:55 pm (UTC)
When I was in middle school all I cared about was speed racer, everyone made fun of my know-all of the topic. I really enjoyed the movie because it was so much like the show, sure there were some annoying things in it, and the techno race style wasn't what I was used to, but it was really tounge in cheek for the geeks, lots of tributes. I went with my best friend from 4th grade, because he's the only friend left that talks to me that knows my whole deal with it (I had a helmet, everything). I kept rattling off info when he looked confused during the film. Like the part with the tribute to the mammoth car and really the only pisser was that they made snake oiler ugly. I remember loving his character design.

when I first saw the trailer in a theater, I about killed the same best friend for not telling me about it( I live under a rock when it comes to movies) I grabbed his leg and tried my best not to squeal

Jun. 24th, 2008 03:48 am (UTC)
I was wondering what big Speed Racer fans thought of the movie, because I hadn't ran across any reviews by one yet. Glad to know it didn't disappoint!
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