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Archie Brands: Archie & Friends #104

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List of companies, brands, organizations, entertainments, fictional characters, celebrities, etc. in the Archie Universe(s)

Archie & Friends #104 (December 2006)

Companies & Brands

Spinners Records -- A used record store in Midvale.

Z-Box -- A video game system. Based on the Xbox. One of the games available is Star Fight, based on the movie.

Entertainments and Fictional Characters

American Popstar -- A singing talent contest TV show. Ricky Rickson is one of the judges. Based on American Idol.

Showbiz Tonight -- An entertainment news TV show. Frequently refered to as "ST". Based on Entertainment Tonight. Margot Uhang is one of the reporters.

Star Fight -- A science-fiction movie featuring space battles. Based on Star Wars. There is also a Star Fight video game for the Z-Box.


Rickson, Ricky -- Record producer and judge on American Popstar. He produced Katy Keene's first album. Based on Randy Jackson.

Uhang, Margot -- An entertainment reporter on Showbiz Tonight.

Note: The guitarist on Katy Keene's album is seen wearing t-shirts for Melody Club and The Sounds, but those are real bands.

Tags: archie & friends, archie brands, josie and the pussycats, katy keene

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