ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

My high school is famous!

The high school I graduated from was on Jay Leno tonight! But not for anything good...

Someone had sent in a program from the recent high school graduation -- to "Headlines"!  Why?  First, Jay mentioned how Glendo High School must have a commitment to quality, then showed that allegiance was misspelled in "pledge of allegiance", which isn't really that funny. But he wasn't done -- then he turned to another page and showed that there was an Award for Excellence presentation, except it was spelled like this (or close, this is from memory):

Award for Eczellence

So, that is funny, and it make my alma mater look like morons too. It is a little embarrassing, but I did graduate 25 years ago, so there is some personal distance from me. I do feel sorry for the graduates, but not a bit for whatever administrator was responsible for that program. Really, misspelling the Award for Excellence is unforgivable...

(When this week's "Headlines" are put online, I will provide a link...)
Tags: glendo high school, headlines, jay leno, tonight show
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