ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Arielcon Pacifica 2005 -- Day 2

OK, here's our pictures from Day 2 of Arielcon Pacifica 2005.  We were not there for Day 1,  but you can see some pics (including the great marquee at El Capitan) here.

We saw this little girl dressed like Ariel while in line for California Adventure.  I decided she was a good omen!  We had arrived early and already visited Disneyland to ride Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters before Arielcon started...

The Arielholics gather...

Guest of Honor Philo Barnhart drawing.

Waiting to see Crush in Turtle Talk.  I included it because I think it's a great picture of my sweetie Beth (on the right)!

Philo and Arielholics drawing animated sequences to be played in the zoetropes.

The sign at Ariel's Grotto, where we ate lunch and met Ariel (and some other princesses) and got our goodie bags.

Belle and Flounder

The group picture with Ariel at lunch!

Ariel & Flounder!  (I didn't get a picture of just me and Ariel because she didn't stay long enough.)

Snow White & Flounder

Cinderella and Flounder

Jasmine & Flounder

After lunch, Arielcon broke up for the day.  So Beth & I went and saw Aladdin, and rode Tower of Terror, then went back to Disneyland to see the fireworks.  After the fireworks, we were able to ride Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion Holiday -- and then ride the last train out at midnight!
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