ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Memorial Day Weekend

So how was everybody's Memorial Day? Mine was pretty good. First, Beth and I saw Indiana Jones and the Crystal Ball or whatever it's called on Friday night (review forthcoming), then we went and spent the weekend with my brother Jack and his wife Angie and the nieces Emma and Allie in Walden, Colorado. It was pretty low key, just hanging out and playing Wii and going bowling and going to graduation parties (Jack is a teacher). Today, we did go to Laramie, Wyoming and check out the Territorial Prison, which was interesting.

Jack and Angie are moving out of Walden this summer, so it may have been our last trip there for a while. It was a good time for a visit -- there was lots of snow this winter, so there is lots of water now and everything is wet and green and lush, but still surrounded by snow-covered mountains. Too bad it was cloudy and rainy all weekend...
Tags: indiana jones and the kingdom of the cry, memorial day, wyoming territorial prison
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