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Archie Brands: Jughead’s Double Digest Magazine #139

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List of companies, brands, organizations, entertainments, fictional characters, celebrities, etc. in the Archie Universe(s)

Jughead’s Double Digest Magazine #13 (June 2008)

Companies & Brands

Barker's Dog Food – A brand of dog food that Hot Dog likes. (R)

Cardone – A designer of high-end leather goods. All his designs feature a prominent "C" logo. Veronica has given Archie a Cardone wallet and belt (R)

Electronics City – An electronics super-store in Riverdale. (R)

Kustard Kastle – A frozen-custard store in Riverdale. (R)

Mlle. Money – A store in Riverdale. Only a box from there is seen, so we don't know what kind of store it is, but I'd guess women's clothes. (R)

Pet Planet – A pet supplies super-store in Riverdale. (R)

Puma X-12 – A model of sports car. Veronica owns one. (R)

Robot's Cage – A comic book and trading card store in Riverdale. (R)

Roger's Gym – A workout gym in Riverdale. (R)

SL – The trademark/logo of an unnamed clothing designer. (R)

Swanko Diner, El – A diner in Riverdale. Jughead won twelve free meals there. (R)

Entertainments and Fictional Characters

Cads & Bounders – A historical book about cads and bounders. (R)

Mothman Monster, The – A horror movie. Based on The Mothman Prophices.

Rats We Love to Hate – A historical book about scheming, duplicitous people. (R)

Really Big Deal, The – A TV game show, based on Let's Make a Deal. It is filmed in Riverdale.  Jughead won a TV news-style video camera on the show. (R)

Star-Squabbles – A series of movies. Based on the Star Wars movies. (R)


Horton, Brian – A muscular movie star. (R)

Miss Trixie – An advice columnist. (R)
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