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Archie Brands: Jughead’s Double Digest Magazine #138

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List of companies, brands, organizations, entertainments, fictional characters, celebrities, etc. in the Archie Universe(s)

Jughead’s Double Digest Magazine #138 (May 2008)

Companies & Brands

Annie’s Gifts – A store in Riverdale.  Only the sign is seen.

Bijou – A concert venue in Riverdale.  Given the name, it may be a former movie theater. (R)

Burger Palace – A diner-style restaurant in Riverdale. (R)

Charles Chocolatier – A candy store in Riverdale. (R)

Kwik Snak – A lunch-counter-style quick service restaurant in Riverdale. (R)

McWendles – A huge nationwide fast food burger chain.  They use a clown in their advertising.  Owned by Dave Krocker.  They bought out Pop’s (below).  Their name is a combination of McDonald's and Wendy’s. (R)

Myers Dairy – A local home-delivery dairy in Riverdale in 1949.

Pop’s – (Not what you are thinking!)  A small but growing fast food burger chain.  When they moved into Riverdale, they had a trademark conflict with Pop’s Choklit Shop.  The conflict was resolved when Pop’s (the fast food chain) was bought by McWendles and the Pop’s name was retired. (R)

QwikE Mart – A convenience store.  It only appeared in Jughead’s daydream; the brand may not actually exist. (R)

Rae & Roger’s Reality – A real estate brokerage in Riverdale.  Only the sign is seen. (R)

Riverdale Museum of Natural History – A science museum in Riverdale. A dinosaur skeleton discovered by Archie and Jughead is on display there. (R)

Vic’s Superstar Video – A video rental store.  It only appeared in Archie’s daydream; the brand may not actually exist. (R)

 Entertainments and Fictional Characters

Curse of the Mummy – A movie showing in Riverdale in 1949.

Gangsters, The – A movie showing in Riverdale in 1949.

Monster – A movie showing in Riverdale in 1949.

Petty TheftA DVD available for rental.  It only appeared in Archie’s daydream; it may not actually exist. (R)

Suspicion UnknownA movie. (R)


Airfield – An unknown act plying at the Bijou.  Maybe a rock band? (R)

Krocker, Dave – Owner of McWendells fast food restaurants.  A friend of Mr Lodge.  His name is a combination of Ray Kroc and Dave Thomas. (R)

Mysto – A stage hypnotist.  He appeared at the Bijou when he performed in Riverdale. (R)


National Hamburger Buffet Club – Nothing is known about this organization except its name, and the fact that Jughead’s cousin Nathan thinks a membership would be a good gift for Jughead. (R)

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