ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Back from Starfest

We went to Starfest this weekend, and saw Zachary Quinto and Adam Baldwin and Nichelle Nichols and Masi Oka and Nana Visitor and Nate Torrence!  I also saw Legends of the Superheroes, so now I can say I did that and I never have to do it again...

I always learn something new and fun at Starfest -- true, it's usually something I could have learned from the internet if I had known to look, but still it is nice to hear upcoming movie news from a real person sometimes. This year's Most Fun Fact: Disney will be basing an animated film on a Phillip K. Dick story -- "The King of the Elves". That could be brilliant, or a train wreck -- of course, that has been the pattern for all the non-animated PKD movies so far too...

Oh, I just remembered, there has already been one animated PKD movie -- A Scanner Darkly. I haven't seen that; I should rent it. And look, it turns out I have a book with "The King of the Elves" in it, so I'll read that tonight, let you know if it is filmable (and toyetic too, I guess)...
Tags: a scanner darkly, adam baldwin, disney, legends of the superheroes, masi oka, nana visitor, nate torrence, nichelle nichols, phillip k dick, starfest, the king of the elves, zachary quinto
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