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What am I doing here? Read this, this and this to find out more...

List of companies, brands, organizations, entertainments, fictional characters, celebrities, etc. in the Archie Universe(s)

Tales from Riverdale Digest Magazine
#27 (April 2008)

Companies & Brands

Harry’s Health Hut – A natural grocery in Riverdale where Veronica often shops. (R)

Josieland – An amusement park.  Alexander & Alexandra Cabot inherited it from a great uncle, renamed it to Josieland and gave the whole park a cat theme. Rides include the Kittycoaster, the Flying Felines, the Kitty Flume and the Nine Lives of the Pussycats haunted house. (R)

Larval Comics – A comic-book publisher.  The name is a parody of Marvel Comics.  They published Presto-Strange-O.  (R)

Save Sommore – A grocery in Riverdale where Betty often shops. (R)

Weatherbee’s Wheels – Tony Weatherbee’s motorcycle shop in Riverdale.  Now that it (and Tony) has been introduced, it will probably appear regularly.

Entertainments and Fictional Characters

Baby Hugo – A comic-book character.  Moose is a big fan.  Nothing is known about the character but the name, but I’d guess it is a parody of Baby Huey. (R)

Presto-Strange-O – A comic book published by Larval Comics.  Presto-Strange-O the Multiple Man first appeared in issue 37. (R)

Presto-Strange-O the Multiple Man – A comic-book character who can duplicate himself.  First appeared in Presto-Strange-O #37 from Larval Comics. (R)

Teens Today – A magazine for teens. (R)


Deeters, Erik – A baseball player.  Just mentioned, not seen.  The name is a parody of Derek Jeter.  (R)

Pizza, Mickey – A baseball player.  Just mentioned, not seen.  The name is a parody of Mike Piazza.  (R)

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