ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Hey, look what I got -- more cheap back issues

You know I like to hit the quarter boxes and buy cheap, obscure comics. Well, I did it again and got all these:

10th Muse #1 (November 2000)
Cynder Series II #1 (1996)
Dart #2 (1996)
Dart #3 (1996)
Double Impact #4 (September 1995)
Fang #2 (April 1995)
Gold Digger #40 (February 2003)
Halo, an Angel's Story #1 (April 1996)
Halo, an Angel's Story #4 (September 1996)
Lillith #1 (September 1996)
Lillith: Demon Princess #2 (October 1996)
Lillith: Demon Princess #3 (February 1997)
The Outer Space Babes #1 (Feburary 1994)
Twilight Girl #1 (August 2000)
Twilight Girl #2 (December 2000)

As you may have noticed, this batch is mainly detritus from the "bad girl" fad of the 1990's. And very few of them have cover scans at Now that I have a scanner, maybe I will contribute some scans. It would be nice to help out...

Tags: 10th muse, cheap back issues, cynder, dart, double impact, fang, gold digger, halo an angels story, lillith, outer space babes, twilight girl

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