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This weekend looking back

Sorry for no post yesterday, but it's been a busy weekend...

We went to the Jefferson County Democratic Convention yesterday, and basically just waited around to be called, as we were alternate delegates and only would be needed if some of the real delegates from our precinct didn't show up, and we weren't needed. With so many people going to the caucus this year, there were many more delegates than usual, but even so they said delegate turnout was much higher than usual too so there was less need for alternates. So we never got over to see the building where all the delegates were, but I heard it was chaos... ah, you gotta love participatory democracy!

Nothing else much that you all may be interested in -- saw friends for dinner both nights, and my brother and sister-in-law and the nieces for breakfast this morning... good times...

On a totally unrealed note, here's a web comic I just discovered and am enjoying: Candi. It's a soap opera strip and it is paced kinda slow, so it is great that its on the Web so you can plow thru the archives and learn who everybody is and what their relationship is to everyone else all at once.  I read the latest story first ("Spring Break"), and didn't really like it so much (except for the fact that it is set in Key West).  But then when I read the whole archives and came to the latest story that way, it made a lot more sense...

Countdown to Halloween

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