ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

This weekend

I was in the middle of posting, and then the computer slowed way down and eventually I rebooted just to break the memory logjam. The last time this computer did something like that was Thursday too (I think), I wonder if some weekly process I forgot about is running Thursday nights and screwing me up...

So, I was in the middle of writing about all the cool stuff coming up this weekend. Beth and I are both alternate delegates for the Jefferson County Democratic Convention, so we get to go there Saturday morning and be sent home when it turns out the alternates aren't needed (or maybe we get to stay and vote, which sounds like more fun)! We also have dinner plans at our mountain friends' house on Saturday night, and lots of errands, etc. etc.

In addition, I am vaguely considering dropping by a new local anime convention on Sunday. Denver has a long-running fall anime con (Nan Desu Kon), and I'm not sure if we need another one, but Anime Wasabi is here this weekend weather it is needed or not... The guest list is anemic and it's way over in BFE and I'm trying to not spend money frivolously -- so I probably won't go.  If anyone reading this is in the Denver area and considering going (or not going), let me know!
Tags: anime wasabi, election 2008, nan desu kan

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