ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

New Comics Wednesday

I finally have decided how I want to do these -- I just want to list cool thing from the new comics.  The idea is sort-of stolen from the Absorbascon, but I'll be doing it completely differently... well, different enough...

Countdown to Final Crisis #10
  • Thalia, muse of comedy, give Harley Quinn a big magic mallet to bonk people with
  • Two pages of Bruce Timm art!
  • Granny Goodness apparently smells like a disease-ridden toilet-licker, which sounds about right.  I'd hate to hear what Desaad smells like...

Justice League of America #18
  • "Meanwhile, Back at Owl Creek Bridge..." is a great title for a comics story
  • Vixen's new powers are very useful when the bad guys don't know how they work and are assuming she still has her old powers

Madame Mirage #5
  • A super-villain named Tatzelwurm.  Well, you can't say she's not original!
  • So Angie thinks she's really alive.  Does that mean she is?

Wonder Girl #6
  • It looks like the Olympian is joining the Wonder Woman supporting cast.  Why not?  Welcome aboard!
  • Hercules has been freed from his role of "Wonder Woman plot device" to be a real character with his own motivations.  I wonder what plans DC has for him?
  • This miniseries has set up an interesting new status quo for Wonder Girl, but I don't think it needed six issues to do it.  There was some padding...
Tags: bruce timm, countdown, desaad, granny goodness, harley quinn, hercules, jla, madame mirage, new comics wednesday, olympian, tatzelwurm, thalia, vixen, wonder girl
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