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Arielcon Atlantica day 1 (January 25)

Finally, here are the Arielcon pictures. I was using our brand new camera, and didn't wind up taking that many good pictures the first day. But here's the best of what I took...

Day One was at Disney's Hollywood Studios, and we all met at 10 am. Beth and I came early and rode Tower of Terror before the meeting. I find the Tower of Terror is best faced with your eyes closed, so of course I look goofy in the ride photo. We bought the ride photo, but I'm not showing it to anybody...

Here's a candid of everyone meeting at 10 am. We look like we need coffee (all pictures should biggen if you click on then)...

There wasn't a big group picture today, but there will be one tomorrow, so I'll name everyone then. That is group leader Anita in the middle, however, with her big bag of mermaid loot!

So after gathering, we all go off to the Voyage of the Little Mermaid...

(That first picture was taken later in the day, as you may have noticed from the shadows)

On entering the theater, we were seen by the loaders and the whole group of us were appointed to stand on the platform and welcome everyone to to show. Here's Beth holding the certificate we got, and me standing on the platform (this photo is there mainly to show off my Flounder hat, which is stylish but doesn't hold back my hair very well)...

During the Voyage, I tried to get some good pics of Ariel with the new camera. They came out better than anything the old camera could have done, but still a tripod would have helped...

After voyage, we had lunch at the ABC Commissary (Beth had the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Asian salad, and I had the Dancing with the Stars Cuban sandwich). After lunch, we all split up into teams to do the challenge: Anita had given us 12 quotes from The Little Mermaid and a disposable camera, and we were to take photos that somehow illustrate the quotes. Beth and I were a team, and that's how we spent our afternoon -- running all around the park taking photos (and also we saw the Indiana Jones stunt show, and did Star Tours). Those photos need to be scanned in, so that will be a later post.

I did take plenty of photos on our camera, but not many that really apply to Arielcon -- but heres a couple of good ones even if they are irrelevant to the topic at hand:

Me with Ron and Kim...

A survey marker that amused me...

After turning in our cameras to Anita at 5 pm, the con broke up for the day. Afterwards, Beth and I ended up going shopping at the outlet mall with Anita and Meryl, and then had dinner at Lone Star.

The next day was a much longer day because it included a Pirate and Princess party, so it will have many more photos. Look for that post in a day or two..
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