ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Happy Umbrella Day!

One of the parts of our massive housecleaning project is to set up a home office, and we got that done today. So that means the scanner I got for Christmas is finally hooked up. And this is the first thing I scanned, mainly because I promised someone on the Arielholics list (Dan the OMoftheSea, I think) that I would scan it someday:
Ariel and me, 2002
It's a pretty sweet pic of Ariel and me, in Disneyland 2002 on my birthday! Click on it to make it bigger...

And since today is Umbrella Day, here's Ariel with her cocktail umbrella:

Tooty Fruity
by ~fluffy-foo on deviantART
Tags: ariel, arielholics mailing list, birthdays, deviantart, disneyland, holidays

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