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This article about real-life superheroes almost seems like a put on, but I guess it's real because it has supporting evidence. I blame Who Wants to Be a Superhero?, but maybe they just tapped into something that was already out there...

One of the few Don Rosa Donald Duck stories that I haven't read is "The Sign of the Triple Distlefink", but look -- here it is. I don't know how I feel about this type of minor piracy, but it sure is convenient...

Hey, look what I found -- a book excerpt featuring Arielcon organizer Anita Schaengold and her husband Gary. I've had the book on my "to buy" list for a while now, so I'd better do that soon...

This was on my Schott's Almanac calendar today -- do you suppose J. K. Rowling ever heard of these guys?

The Muggletonians were a curious English sect (c.1652) founded by Lodowick Muggleton and his cousin John Reeve – both second-rate London tailors. The founders claimed (and their followers believed) that they were the ‘two last witnesses’ foretold in Revelation xI 3-6. They preached that God had human form; that the Trinity was one; that the Sun travelled around the Earth; that Elijah was God’s representative in heaven; and that Satan was incarnate in Eve. Reeve died in 1658, and Muggleton in 1698-both having been imprisoned for blasphemy. Muggletonian belief struggled on for many years, finally petering out in the 1860s.
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