ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Did everyone have a Merry Christmas?

I'm back from my Christmas break, after a generally relaxing holiday time.  Beth and I went up to my parent's ranch in Wyoming to have Christmas with them and my brother Jack and his wife Angie and the nieces Emma and Allie.  Always fun to have Christmas with children.  (My brother Gene was away for Christmas with his girlgriend, but I got to see him before and after.)

I got lots of swell loot, including a scanner -- so look for more pictures on this blog, as I can now scan in comics I want to talk about, or just when I see something weird (like postmodernbarney did here)

While I'm posting, here's some Christmas links that are already technically too late, but I'd better post them now because I'll forget next year:
Gallery of babes in Santa suits
Australian bikini models in Santa hats
Tags: christmas, holidays, links

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