ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,


We went and saw Enchanted on Thanksgiving morning, which is a good time to see a movie as it turns out. Who knew?

And it's a good movie too! A light-hearted ribbing of Disney's fairy tale films ("the princess movies"), it's sweet and funny and filled with sly references. Amy Adams plays the princess like a Disneyland face character who wandered out of the park, which is exactly what is called for.

The film is extremely good natured, as you might expect from a self-parody. I'm sure that someday there will be a Disney Princess parody with more teeth, but the gentle nature of this movie doesn't hurt it at all. It's just so sunny and happy (but not in a stupid way) that you just gotta love it. And if you are a big Disney fan, you can play "spot the references" too. Myself, I was very happy to see Jodi Benson in a small role (but bigger than a cameo)!

So, it's highly recommended by me. I'm sure a lot of people on my flist have already seen it...
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