ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Happy Operating Room Nurse Day

We have a friend who is an operating room nurse. I wonder if she got today off? Probably not. I suppose the surgeons all chipped in and got the nurses a cake instead. I wonder if the anesthesiologists contributed too?

Here's an operating room nurse who moonlights as a cheerleader.  She's afraid of snakes.  Shes also a Drexel grad, which will please Beth, who is always looking for fellow Dragons....

Changing gears, here's a handy guide to how your favorite show is holding up to the writer's strike.  Looks Like Medium might be coming back sooner than planned... 

And while I'm on the subject, here's a good editorial about the strike.  The writers are the good guys here, even if they are depriving us of Back to You...

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