ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,


I haven't been posting much lately -- Monday I was doing some chores, and then the Internet quit for a few hours. Tuesday night we went and saw David Sedaris, who was hilarious! Last night was Halloween, so we gave out candy (and Archie comics) of course...

The pumpkin I carved Friday at work was Johnny Cash. I failed to take a picture of it on Friday, and by Halloween it was too wilted to be recognizable. It is possible someone at work took a picture, so I'll see if I can get one that way...

I have big news about work, but I'm not allowed to tell yet. So stay tuned...

A useless page: I found this while searching for a new place to eat breakfast last weekend. Why is it useless? All three restaurants have been closed for years!  The middle IHOP closed over two years ago shortly after our wedding (It's a Village Inn now), and the other two were torn down before that!

Good night... 
Tags: halloween wrapup
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