ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Back from the Bay

We are back! Why all the secrecy last week? Because we we going to a surprise 50th birthday party for a friend of Beth's, and I didn't want him to find out (although there is no reason to think he reads my journal, but you never know). Where did we go? Aptos, CA...

Thursday Night
We fly into San Jose after work and get there about midnight. We get lost trying to find our hotel, but we do find eBay instead so that was fun...

The party was Friday night, so that gave us plenty of time to be tourists during the day. We slept late and then made our way to the Winchester Mystery House, only to find out they were closed! Why? Because they were getting ready for a live television show to be filmed there that night! So that sucked, but they did give us free passes for anytime in the next six months...

After that, we drove to Santa Cruz and checked out the sights (mainly the ocean and surfers along West Cliff Drive), then pushed on to Aptos an the party, which was fun. Mike the birthday boy was suitably surprised, especially by us since Beth hadn't seen him in 18 years...  We didn't get to see much of Mike, as he had lots of people to spend some time with, so we mostly hung out with Beth's friend Dan from Sacramento.  After they party, we stayed at Dan's parent's house in Carmel...

We walked around Carmel a bit to start our day, then met Mike and Dan and Dan's partner Pat for lunch back in Aptos.  Afterward, we drove up to San Francisco the slow way (on California Highway 1), because we would be spending Saturday night at Pat's flat in San Francisco.

That evening, we went out for drinks at Martuni's (not this Martuni), dinner at Farina (not this Farina) and sang at The Mint which was a blast!

On Sunday, Dan had to go back to Sacramento and Pat had to work, so Beth and I were solo tourists.  We had breakfast at Luna in the Castro, and then shopped a bit (I got a t-shirt at Whatever...).  After that, we drove to the top of Twin Peaks to see the sights on what I am told was a very clear day for San Francisco.  Then we went to the Cliff House and its camera obscura, then drove thru Golden Gate Park and on to San Jose to catch our flight back...

(And if you wonder why I didn't post yesterday, it's because I was installing our new DVR...)

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