ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Weekend is over...

Wedding accomplished! Scott & Jene are married and off on their honeymoon. Hopefully they will blog about it (the travel part, not that part!).

Also, the Rockies swept the first round of playoffs, during the wedding! So this is a successful weekend all around. Not that I can take credit for any of it, but it still feels good!

Some links to share:

Last year I linked to a group of cool Wonder Woman sketches done for a charity auction. Well, they are doing it again this year...

When purchasing a domain name, you really gotta think about what the words will look like all smooshed together...

This is how our our Saturdays go sometimes, and those are good Saturdays!

Cute booth girls at the Tokyo Game Show (via Kirai)

A musical about spammers? Expect to see it on Broadway Fall 2009, says I...

And finally, I posted a picture of Irma a while back, so here's one of April to go with it...

April Busted
by *operative274 on deviantART
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