ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

New Comics Wednesday

Today's comics today (instead of next week or some time)!

Countdown #30 -- Donna, Jason, Kyle, Bob and new addition Jokester travel to a parallel earth that's kinda nice and no one wants to kill them.   One of the better issues in a while.

Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Crime Society #1 --  The origin of the Jokester, and surprisingly good.

Detective Comics #837 -- A Harley Quinn story by kingofbreakfast  can't be passed up.  This one features the reformed Riddler too, and Batman barely appears.

Gumby 3
Gumby #3 -- This is pure joy!  "Unknown to the rest of the world, Oppenheimer, along with many other top financial advisors, has laser teeth!"

Supergirl #22 -- Bought this (and last month) to see the new artist everyone is talking about -- Renato Guedes.  He's good, but not good enough to get me to buy this regularly.  Maybe I will try again when the new permanent writer joins...

Super-Villain Team-Up/Modok's 11 #4 -- The caper continues, with double crosses and all that fun stuff.

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