ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Wallace & Gromit vs. Threshold

We went and saw Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit today.  A very funny, understated comedy -- even if we were tricked into paying full price for a matinee.  I thought I would be blogging mainly about it tonight.

But then, when we got home, we watched the first three (or is it four?) episodes of  Threshold, and that's what I want to write about instead.  I had recorded the show thinking it might be something I'd like, and it looks like I was right.  Beth liked it too.  For those who haven't seen it yet, Threshold stars Carla Gugino as the leader of a US government crisis response team dealing with an apparent extraterrestial encounter.  It is set in the present, and by keeping the alien presence low-key but still threatening it generates suspense without being too "out there".  And Peter Dinklage (who plays a mathematician/linguist on Carla's team) is a great actor.  That's what I always heard about his performance in The Station Agent, but I never saw The Station Agent so he's new to me.

So now there are two new shows this season that I have to watch -- Threshold and My Name is Earl.  (I'm still on the bubble on How I Met Your Mother...)
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