ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Hairspray (2007)

Sorry for no posts lately. Beth needed to use the computer Thursday night, and last night we had to go to Boulder to get my car from the body shop, so we stayed and watched Hairspray at the new movie theater.

Hairspray is surprisingly good. I haven't seen the original since it was first released, so my memories are hazy, but the new movie is a totally enjoyable musical, with fun song and dance numbers and a an appealing lead in Nikki Blosnky. The John Travolta stuff almost works, and the integration storyline comes close to taking itself too seriously (during the "I Know Where I've Been" number), but all in all I recommend it!

After seeing Hairspray, Beth thinks we should watch High School Musical -- because she was impressed with Zac Efron. I've recently become impressed with some of Vanessa Hudgens's recent work, so I think I could sit thru HSM...

NOTE: Don't expect much posting this weekend, as I'll be at Nan Desu Kan for most of it... See you there!
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