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New Comics Wednesday

I never even wrote about last week's comics, but here are this week's comics on the first day!

Black Adam: The Dark Age #2 -- So I'm getting what this about -- Black Adam is doing whatever it takes to resurrect his dead wife Isis.  Including many evil things, things Isis will not approve of when she comes back.  So even if the direction is clear, it is being done in an interesting way.  But after this (and killing an entire nation in 52), Adam will never be able to go back to being a anti-hero...

Countdown #33  -- There's just two plotlines this time -- The rogue's continuing flight from the law, and the search for Ray Palmer*.  The second story is the one that had the most developments, some good, some bad.  The good thing is that we learn that all 52 universes share/border on the same microverse, so you can use the microverse as a way to travel between universes  -- which is what Ray Palmer has been doing.  So instead of floundering around in bad sword-and-sorcery lands, Donna and Jason and Bob are going to be touring the multiverse, which sounds like more fun.  The bad thing is that Ryan (Atom) Choi is written out in this issue, and Kyle Rayner is brought in to replace him.  Which isn't that bad, except for how they did it -- Dr. Choi is kidnapped by a giant hand, and instead of rescuing him the other heroes figure their mission to find Ray Palmer is more important!  It probably is (in a cosmic sense), but it doesn't seem very heroic to ignore a colleague in imminent danger.  Well, Jason and Bob aren't heroes, but I'm surprised Kyle and Donna go along...

*I just re-read, and I forgot that Mary Marvel and Jimmy Olsen do have a few pages each. They weren't very memorable pages, I guess...

Countdown Presents the Search for Ray Palmer: Wildstorm #1 -- This continues from Countdown #33, with Donna, Jason, Kyle and Bob traveling to Earth-50 (a.k.a. the Wildstorm Universe).  I bought this because I though it might be a good primer to the Wildstorm line of comics (of which I currently don't buy any), discovering the world thru our heroes eyes.  But it isn't a good guide to anything.  Basically, we breafly meet a lot of Wildstorm heroes you may or may have heard of (Gen13, Grifter, Wetworks, the Authority, Majestic), but we don't learn much about them, or why their world might be cool.  The only thing I learned is that Wildstorm heroes are more likely to punch you in the face then most DC heroes, and that doesn't exactly endear them to me.  A big waste of time and money.

(Sergio Aragonés) Groo: 25th Anniversary Special -- OK, it's time to go to bed.  I'll finish this tomorrow, or later...

Justice League Wedding Special #1

Wonder Girl #1

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