February 2nd, 2019

Ariel Union

2019 Convention Schedule

Here a list of local comic/science-fiction/anime/etc. conventions in the Colorado area in 2019!

NOTE: This does not include gaming conventions. I thought about adding them, but decided against it, just because I'm unlikely to ever go.

January 18-20

January 26

February 1-3

March 1-3

All C's Fan Expo
March 23

Denver Independent Comics & Arts Festival (DiNK)
April 13-14

Colorado Anime Fest
April 19-21

April 26-28

Denver Pop Culture Con
May 31-June 2

Denver Zine Fest
June 23

August 2-4

Myth and Legends Con 7
August 9-11

Fort Collins Comic Con
August 16-18

Colorado Springs Comic Con
August 23-25

Nan Desu Kan 23
August 23-25

MileHighCon 51
October 18-20

Rocky Mountain Con
November 9-10

I hope this is a useful reference again. And to close out, here's a picture I took of Daisy and Peach (from Mario Tennis) cosplayers at Rocky Mountain Con last year:
Daisy & Peach at RMC 18

Tomorrow's wallpaper