August 7th, 2018

Ariel Union

2018 Convention Schedule Updated

Here an updated list of local comic/science-fiction/anime/etc. conventions in the Colorado area in 2018! In this update, I added another August con, this one at Fort Carson.

NOTE: This does not include gaming conventions. I thought about adding them, but decided against it, just because I'm unlikely to ever go.

Supernatural Offical Convention
August 17-19

Fort Carson Comic Convention
August 18

Fort Collins Comic Con
August 24-25

Colorado Springs Comic Con
August 24-26

August 24-26

Nan Desu Kan 22
August 31-September 2

Gunbarrel Pop-Up Comic Con
October 6

Pikes Peak Comic Convention
October 6

MileHighCon 50
October 19-21

Chey-Fy Comic Expo
October 26-28

November 9-11

Rocky Mountain Con
November 10-11

November 10

Denver Retro Con
November 18

Since you've been so good, here's a cosplay photo -- #Crysta (from FernGully) at Denver Comic Con 2018:
Crysta at DCC 2018

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