November 26th, 2017

Ariel Union

Christmas Card Commotion!

It's time again to start thinking about Christmas cards! So, here's the annual question: Would anyone out there in the online world like to get a Christmas card (most likely a postcard) from me? Just comment with your address if you are interested! Comments are screened, so only I can see them. Also, anyone can comment, you do not need a LiveJournal account to leave a comment (or get a card from me)!

Mermaid Christmas Card 13

Oh, and if we've exchanged cards in the recent past, you are already on my list and don't need to respond to this (but you can if you want). That includes sinicallytwsted, dessieoctavia and beachbum_midget!

christmas card 2014 peppermint mermaid pin up by roots_love

Tomorrow's wallpaper