ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Death at a Funeral

Tonight we went and saw Death at a Funeral, because it seemed like the sort of small movie we should try to see before it disappeared. It stars Matthew MacFadyen, who was Mr. Darcy in the recent Pride & Prejudice, so he had Beth's attention already. I agreed to go because it also stars Peter Dinklage, and who passes up a Peter Dinklage movie?*

The film is a farce based around a funeral. Miscommunication, attempted blackmail, hallucinogenic drugs and many other seemingly small thing cause more and more chaos until all the plot lines intersect and everything explodes. Farces are hard to pull off, but this movie does an good job. It not great, but it's very easy for a farce to become a dismal failure with the actors running around franticly accomplishing nothing, and that does NOT happen here, so it has to be considered a success...

I'm going to visit my brother in Walden over the long weekend and see mooses. So see you all next week!

*I am exaggerating, as Peter Dinklage hasn't caused me to go see Underdog...

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