June 3rd, 2016

Ariel Union

2016 Convention Schedule Update

Found another convention for the local convention list. (Maybe it's time to redo the list with all the additions...)

Not Attending:

  • Colorado Cosmic Comic Con (October 22-23): Actually not sure if this is called Colorado Cosmic Comic Con, Colorado Cosmic Con or Colorado Cos/Mic Comic Con. Anyway, it's down in the Springs, so I won't be going...

Here's a cosplay picture from Cheyenne Comic Con 2016: Harley Pool by Nicole Marie Jean!
Harley Pool by Nichole Marie Jean

Tomorrow's wallpaper

Recent cover scans I added to GCD:
Rom / Action Man Prologue #0 back cover
Maximum Superexcitement #1

Recent pages I added to the DC Comics Database:
Clarence Calahan (New Earth)