March 18th, 2016

Ariel Union

Frozen Dead Guy Days 2016 postcards, part two

Here's the rest of this year's Frozen Dead Guy Days "instant postcards" (click here for part one).

From the Polar Plunge, this clown is diving into a pool of cold water. There was a whole group of similar bozos who were also a coffin race team.
FDGD 2016 04

A Sesame Street-inspired coffin race team going thru the course. I don't remember their team name...
FDGD 2016 05

Two coffin race teams jockeying for position. One team is Losing Nemo, from the previous post. I don't remember the other team's name (it was long, and the announcer gave up and just called them "the nerds"), but they were the eventual winners, beating the Pink Socks in the final race!
FDGD 2016 06

Tomorrow's wallpaper

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