March 16th, 2016

Ariel Union

2016 Convention Schedule Update

Hey, I already have an update to the convention list I posted last week! Can't believe I forgot this one:

Not Attending:

  • Myths and Legends Con (August 12-14): A weird con that splits the difference between a general media con like StarFest, which is about all Fantasy and SF movies and TV shows, and a specialzed media con like Walker Stalker Con, which is abot The Walking Dead. MALCon is about six different media properties: Firefly. Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Supernatural and The Dresden Files. Why those six, I don't know...

Also, last year Denver had Colorado Horror Con and Running of the Leaves Convention (a My Little Pony con). If they are coming back this year, they haven't announced yet. Hey, maybe ROTLCon can merge with MALCon and My Little Pony can become the seventh focus...

To wrap up, here's another cosplay picture from Rocky Mountain Con 2015: Bill Cipher by Catzmoney!
Bill Cipher at Rocky Mountain Con 2015

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