March 9th, 2016

Ariel Union

2016 Convention Schedule

Here a list of local comic/science-fiction/anime/etc. conventions in the Denver area in 2016, and the chances I will be attending. Just in case you want to hang out or something...

Definitely Attending (I have the tickets already):

  • Cheyenne Comic Con (May 13-15): I gotta support a con in Wyoming in it's very first year! And they just added a bunch more guests, which makes me happy!

  • Denver Comic Con (June 17-19): This is always fun, and this year they have Jenna Coleman, Alex Kingston, Arthur Darvill, Carrie Fisher, Peter David, Stan Lee and many more!

May Attend:

  • DINK: Denver Independent Comic and Art Expo (March 25-26): All comics, no filler!

  • Anime Southwest (April 29 - May 1): If I know I can' t go to Nan Desu Kan, I may try this instead.

  • Fort Collins Comic Con (August 26-28): Probably not, but might be a good excuse to go to Fort Collins.

  • Nan Desu Kan (September 2-4): I always try to go, but having it on labor Day weekend may cause conflicts. We'll see...

  • MileHiCon (October 28-30): Denver's literary science-fiction convention. I've always meant to go, maybe this will be the year!

  • Rocky Mountain Con (November 13-16): I went last year and had a blast, but mainly because I met George Perez and got a sketch. Will depend on the guests...

Not Attending:To close out, here's a picture of BelleChere cosplaying Squirrel Girl that I took at Rocky Mountain Con 2015!
Squirrel Girl (BelleChere) at Rocky Mountain Con 2015

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