September 1st, 2015

Ariel Union

Maybe not the best of DC, but I like them!

I was going to slow down my postings, but I didn't meant to fall off the edge of the Earth! I'm not ready to start daily posting again, but I promise to do a couple a week at least...

This the the back cover of The Best of DC #45, which i bought at the Rocky Mountain Book and Paper Fair. You can find the front cover on the Internet, but have you seen the back cover? Now you have!
Best of DC #45 back cover
The main characters are Mona and Debbi from Date with Debbi, flanked by Binky, Sherwood and Benny (from Leave It to Binky) on the left and Scooter, Sylvester and Malibu (from Swing with Scooter) on the right. The gag is stupid, but the art is really nice. I like Stan Goldberg's stuff in this period!

(FYI, Mona doesn't actually appear inside the book.)

Tomorrow's wallpaper

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