August 10th, 2012

Ariel Union

Cintia Dicker is your next James Bond girl (shared)

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Regardless of whether there’s a new Bond film on the horizon or not, the appeal of the ’60s bombshell Bond Girl simply never dies. When there is a new instalment due to hit screens we simply have a good excuse to revisit the nostalgia of the 1960s spy genre with even more fervour than usual.

Enter the new campaign from Wildfox Swim, brilliantly timed to ride the buzz of the upcoming Skyfall Bond film. Cintia Dicker plays the role of archetypal sexy spy, with bikinis, guns and go-go boots aplenty. And if you needed inspiration on vintage Bond Girl hair and makeup (who doesn’t) this is most definitely it.

cintia dicker bond girl

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More hot August days, more swimsuit pictures. But that doesn't explain the gun!

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