May 19th, 2011

Ariel Union

body switching comedy (shared)

Playing around with the "share" feature some more, this time to steal share something someone else posted... It was supposed to be quick, but then I spent too much time messing around with it...

Originally posted by davemerrill at body switching comedy
You may have been laboring under the misapprehension that the kind of hilarity espoused by movies like, say, 'Freaky Friday' or 'Vice Versa' or '17 Again', etc., was one of those original Hollywood inventions- but like most things, Harvey Comics was there first!

Little Dot and Little Lotta switch bodies and personalities in a five page story that will change everything you thought you knew about Little Dot and Little Lotta! Unless you thought they were little girls obsessed with dots or food, in that case not much will change. All today at Stupid Comics number #265!

Worked real late last night, had a tough time getting to sleep, have to go in early tomorrow and work all day, I expect to be a zombie on Sunday. Still have a bunch of video editing to do for the AN. May is a busy month.
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