April 9th, 2011

Ariel Union

Borders sale is starting to get good

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I went to the closing Borders store in Boulder yesterday, and the sale is getting pretty good. Everything is at least 60% off. So I got some stuff:
  • Chic Young's Blondie: 1930-1933 -- Whenever you read anything about Blondie, they always mention that the strip started out with Blondie as a carefree flapper dating lots of men, but then she met Dagwood and they dated for a while and then his wealthy parents didn't want Dagwood marrying Blondie so Dag staged a hunger strike until they gave in, so they got married and the strip turned into the domestic comedy that it's been for the past 75 years or so.  Well, this book finally collects those pre-wedding strips, and I'm really looking forward to reading them...
  • Devo Something for Everybody -- I've always felt that I should like Devo, so when I saw this CD cheap, I snapped it up to see if I do like them...
  • Spike Jones Spike Jones in Stereo -- Spike Jones does songs about monsters.  I've listened to this one already, and it's fun and more than a little corny.  It's got Paul Frees and Thurl Ravenscroft on it, along with Spike's usual crew.  And from looking at the Amazon listing, it's apparently an out-of-print collectible, so it looks like I got a great deal... The cheapest used copy on Amazon is $25.98, and I paid $4.80!
I'm trying not to spend much money these days, but after I left I got to thinking that I really should have picked up some more stuff, especially some DVD box sets.  So I might go back pretty soon...

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