March 7th, 2011

Ariel Union

Links 'n' Stuff

I haven't been blogging much. Been busy with buying a car, and then getting the car fixed after it was broken into the very same day I bought it! That sucked...

So, some random links and stuff.  First, here's a nice Betty & Jughead drawing by Jill Thompson:
And...all painted! What do you think? on Twitpic
I didn't know it would come out so small. Click to enbiggen.

Ben Dunn will be at Starfest/Comicfest this April! He's an artist I've been enjoying for years (mainly in Ninja High School, his magnum opus of high school comedy stuffed with every manga and anime trope you can think of). I understand he does comissions, so maybe I'll save up some money and ask for a drawing of Ariel! He can draw mermaids; here's Ichi and Asrial (from NHS) as mermaids:
Mermaids by ~Dogsupreme on deviantART

That's only two random things, but it's bedtime. More later...

Tomorrow's wallpaper

Recent cover scans I added to GCD:
10th Muse / The Legend of Isis #1
I Woke Up Special for This.
Karl Marx's Guide to Proper Panhandling Conduct
Karl Marx's Guide to Public Transportation Etiquette