ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Saw Ariel again...

No post yesterday because we went and saw The Little Mermaid again. It's interesting to see all the changes done in a month -- lots of big and small things were improved. The best improvement is that the show now has a climax in a battle between Ariel and Ursula (the first time we went, that was all broken, or maybe not even thought up). Some reviews say the climax is a little weak, but I was just glad to see it at all!

Many other things were fixed or improved -- Flounder's costume, Triton's trident, lighting & costumes in "Under the Sea", just lighting in general, all of Ursula's scenes have improved blocking and dancing, all the merpeople are better at moving on Heelies, etc., etc. Nothing drastic had changed (No songs were changes or scenes deleted), but all the little changes add up. Ursula was campier (when appropriate) and Triton even loosened up a little but (but not too much).  So now I understand why they do so many performances (out of town and then Broadway previews) before the official opening -- it's a process of constant tweaking until then...
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